Portraits and paintings of The Hungarian Vizsla by Justine Osborne

Vizslas are always a fascinating challenge, rich russety hues lend themselves to sumptuous background colours.. The same breed, but many different ways of depicting these handsome hunting dogs.

modern portrait of two vizslas

Rosie & Chutney

These two beautiful viszlas are Rosie and Chutney. The paintings depicts the closeness of the two dogs, but also the differing character of each. Gallery style oil painting on canvas size 32" x 14" on a rich teal background


painting of two vizslas

"Homer & Tilly" - portrait of two Hungarian Vizslas

This painting of the two vizsla shows Homer
resting his head on his pal Tilly. He is the
gentle one and she is the cheeky one!
14x14in - oil painting on gallery style canvas


A handsome male vizsla
10x12in oil painting on canvas panel

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male vizsla dog  


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